You cannot be a “strong Christian” as you claim, when you ferociously and continuously defend Planned Parenthood as you do. Your sans abortion argument is totally invalid, but makes a good soundbite.

This is like saying “Jeffery Dahmer was a great man, and I supported him. Just not the killing and eating people part.” It’s illogical and it proves to everyone that you’re the complete and utter buffoon we watched during the last GOP Debate.

trump-rubio-cruz-gop-debate-houstonBut apparently, “Christians” and “evangelicals” like Sarah Palin, Liberty University’s Falwell, mega church Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, amongst others, don’t seem to care about your nonsense. They’re too angry at the incompetent Republican Establishment led by Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Speaker Paul Ryan and others, that they can’t set aside their emotions and actually listen to what you say when you open the trash compactor you use for a mouth. If they did, perhaps they would’ve supported a true evangelical Constitutionalist like Ted Cruz, who’s actually spent his entire Senate career fighting these creeps.

Sure, this is a singular issue. But there are so many other issues in addition to this. But if common sense “Christians” can’t see your nonsense, why would any of them recognize the others? I get why those who don’t consider themselves Christian or evangelical don’t see it. But as a side note to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ—to quote Star Wars, arguably the greatest movie of all time, “Who’s the more foolish; the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

I have to give it to amnesty loving Marco Rubio. All people hear you say is “build a wall, make America great again, and win, win, win.” The true irony in all of this? A Ted Cruz administration would actually do these things BETTER, not to mention constitutionally, than Donald “everybody loves me” Trump.

But go ahead, Trumpkins. Give into the hatred. Join the Dark Side.